Rainbow Pancakes

Today is my daughter’s birthday, and for breakfast we made her her favorite: rainbow pancakes! We used our pancake recipe, divided it into small portions, and dyed them with food coloring accordingly. It’s simple, but an absolute delight as far as the kids are concerned.

Rainbow Pancakes

1 cup flour

Pinch sea salt

2 tablespoons sugar (we used powdered but granulated works too)

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 cup milk

Vegetable oil

1 egg

Splash vanilla extract

Combine dry ingredients, mix wet ingredients (just a quick pour of vegetable oil will do), and then combine the two. Don’t over do it on the mixing; they’re should be plenty of bubbles and even some small chunks visible in the batter. Heat pan (non-stick pans work best here) at low to medium heat. Pour a small amount in a separate container, add dye, and pour onto pan. As soon as bubbles are visible throughout the pancake, flip over. Cook through (no more than a minute) and repeat until you have completed your own rainbow stack!

Tip: My daughter wakes up early, so rather than try and beat her to the punch we made the pancakes after she went to bed and simply reheated them in the morning.

Extra Tip: Place a chunk of butter in a gravy boat, submerge it in maple syrup, and pop it in the microwave. Once heated, pour over pancakes. Lip. Smackingly. Good.

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