Holiday Bookmarks

This month is booked with holiday activities, and one of our favorites has been making holiday bookmarks for use with our holiday library collection. We don’t own a laminator, but we didn’t let that stop us, and nor should you! You’ll need: Construction paper (green, red, or yellow) Crayons Hole Puncher Holiday ribbon A Printer PackingContinue reading “Holiday Bookmarks”

Benefits of Homeschooling: No Judging

The most rewarding aspects of homeschooling aren’t found in high grades or academic achievements, but in unexpected moments of character. The latest occurred just last night, outside of our daughter’s dance practice. Our seven year old son, Jacob, struck up a conversation with another boy his age. That boy was a proud dancer, going so far as to wear a shirt thatContinue reading “Benefits of Homeschooling: No Judging”

Homemade Brunch Burgers

We love burgers. And eggs. And guacamole. So for lunch yesterday we combined the three for what turned into a unanimous crowd pleaser. Even better, my nine year old made the burgers, and I finished them on the grille. Lunch and a lesson? Perfect. Brunch Burgers 80/20 ground beef salt pepper eggs guacamole iceberg lettuce Burgers: SeparateContinue reading “Homemade Brunch Burgers”

Pressure Cooked Lemon Pepper Chicken

This recipe made for a flavorful, quick, and tender dish. The ingredients are few and simple, and with some tweaks here and there the dish can easily be changed. The best part about pressure cooking isn’t necessarily how quickly it cooks (although that is a plus) so much as how little of a mess was made compared to using aContinue reading “Pressure Cooked Lemon Pepper Chicken”

Pressure Cooker Top Round Beef Stew

  We just got a pressure cooker, which means many a pressure cooker recipes are to come! This first recipe is for beef stew. The actual cook time was 25 minutes, with a 15 minute prep time for chopping veggies and preheating. The finished product tasted like it had been cooking for hours! Pressure Cooker BeefContinue reading “Pressure Cooker Top Round Beef Stew”

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