Jumbo sized Advent Calendar


It’s time to bust out the advent calendar, and this year, we decided to mix things up a bit! Rather than a traditional countdown, which is still loads of fun, we made a jumbo sized calendar that filled the days leading up to Christmas with activities we can all do together. Some of the activities were simple (get the tree), others simply fun (slumber party under the Christmas tree, anyone), and others still character building (donate to the local orphanage). Each day is now filled with an extra dose of suspense, making the few hours spent making these totally worthwhile.20151129_235300-01.jpeg

Homemade Advent Calendar


Wrapping Paper




We cut 25 12×12 squares (in hindsight, 6×6 would have been just as good), wrapped them in wrapping paper, and attached ribbons to them so they could hang like gift bags from the wall. For the instructions, we printed note card sized messages, cut them out and pasted them against fun green backgrounds and taped those to the squares. Simple but effective. 20151201_104019-01.jpegLet the countdown begin!

Hint: Besides an advent calendar, this would be a great way to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, or any festive numerical countdown!


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