Pressure Cooker Top Round Beef Stew


We just got a pressure cooker, which means many a pressure cooker recipes are to come! This first recipe is for beef stew. The actual cook time was 25 minutes, with a 15 minute prep time for chopping veggies and preheating. The finished product tasted like it had been cooking for hours!

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

Top Round Steak

Red Wine (Cab/Merlot/Zinfandel/Port*)


Chopped onions

Finely Chopped Celery

Skinned Whole Carrots





Sear off the steak, about 2-3 minutes on each side (this locks in the flavor). Add steak to pressure cooker, just barely submerging in wine & water, at about a 3-1 ratio (3 parts wine, 1 part water). Cover with veggies. Sprinkle generously with course sea salt, pepper, and rosemary. Set pressure cooker for 25 minutes (we cook at 15psi pressure). If your cooker isn’t too full, quick release is acceptable when finished, otherwise we recommend natural release. When finished, remove steak from broth, add flour to broth is small batches, mix, and continue to due so until desired consistency is reached. Recombine with steak and enjoy!

Tip: Although delicious as is, a night in the refrigerator will add some extra depth to this already flavorful dish.

* Port will add a touch of sweetness to the soup.

**Water can be omitted entirely. I’ve made soup with nothing but port before to fantastic results!

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