Homemade Brunch Burgers

We love burgers. And eggs. And guacamole. So for lunch yesterday we combined the three for what turned into a unanimous crowd pleaser. Even better, my nine year old made the burgers, and I finished them on the grille. Lunch and a lesson? Perfect.

Brunch Burgers

80/20 ground beef





iceberg lettuce


Separate ground beef into single serve portions. Flatten and shape into patties. Using a butter knife, press hashtags into the meat to prevent it from balling up when cooking. Generously sprinkle top and bottom with salt and pepper. There are countless burger patty recipes out there (and my wife has her own that I love), but a burger as delicious as the one pictured above needs little more than salt and pepper. Grille for approximately three minutes on each side, or until firm but not yet hard (you’re aiming for a medium, which should be warm and pink throughout), and set aside. Add a single fried egg (yolk should be runny, with no raw egg white anywhere to be found), guacamole, lettuce, and your favorite buns and you’re done. The guacamole adds freshness to the burger, whereas the yolk lends an irresistibly silky richness that’ll keep you, and your harshest critics, coming back for more.

Tip: For added flavor, lightly saute the bottoms of your burger buns with butter.

Recipes to follow.

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