Benefits of Homeschooling: No Judging

The most rewarding aspects of homeschooling aren’t found in high grades or academic achievements, but in unexpected moments of character. The latest occurred just last night, outside of our daughter’s dance practice. Our seven year old son, Jacob, struck up a conversation with another boy his age. That boy was a proud dancer, going so far as to wear a shirt that said dance like a boy. His demeanor suggested that while he may have accepted himself and his own tastes, he was also keenly aware that other people, namely boys his age, are much less open-minded. My delight in his interaction with Jacob was in watching this boy steadily lower his guard.

“I dance,” he told Jacob. “And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“So what?” was Jacob’s reply. “I dance too.” At home, we all dance.

Jacob then asked if this boy knew his sister, Vanessa, from class. The boy, with obvious reluctance, informed Jacob the he wouldn’t know her from school, because, “[he]’s a homeschooler.” “No, I mean from dance class,” said Jacob, unfazed. “We’re homeschoolers too.”

That surprised the boy, and almost instantly, he smiled.

There was no judgment in Jacob’s tone, no expectations about who this child should be or how he should behave. As a result, this boy got to be himself. This is exactly what we cherish about homeschooling: the opportunity for our kids to be themselves, without fear of judgement or ridicule. So happy I got to witness this 🙂

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