New Year’s Resolution: Skip the Gym

My wife and I count ourselves among that particular group of reso-losers, you know, the “let’s get into shape” kind, but we’re not going in with any expectations other than to loosen up these aging bodies of ours. Still, it got us to thinking, how many people are going to sign up for a gym membership this year? It’s no secret that the beginning of January  is to gym owners what Mother’s Day is to Hallmark, but if the goal is to be healthier, aren’t there much less ambitious and costly alternatives out there? We think so. Here’s three that are totally doable without breaking the bank…or a sweat.

Give up soda. Seriously, before you roll your eyes because you don’t like preachy advice, consider this: soda companies spend entire fortunes trying to convince you that their sugar water is something you can’t live without.  But that’s a load. If you’re thirsty, your body needs water and nothing else. Giving up soda will do wonders for you and that sexy bod. Just say no.

Limit snacking. Snacking is all about instant gratification. Limit what’s within reach to snacks that aren’t going to pad your waist or clog your heart. It’s kind of like moving your alarm clock out of arm’s reach to force yourself to get up. If you can’t snack on something quick, and you’re hungry enough, you’ll throw something together that isn’t terrible for you. Hint: if it comes from a box and is microwavable, it’s probably terrible for you.

Drink Coconut oil.  This stuff is miraculous. It’s like feeding your car premium engine oil: everything just works better on it. Any which way you can squeeze a teaspoon a day into your diet will do, but I find it’s easiest slipped into a cup of morning coffee.

Save your money and skip the gym this year. Your wallet will thank you.


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