How to (best) clean fruits & veggies

A co-worker recently pulled me aside to ask how I could possibly afford to feed my family on a single income. “Organic is so expensive,” she complained. “I don’t know how you do it.” I smiled and said “it’s simple, I don’t always buy organic.” Knowing me and how I feel about food and what I feed my family, this seemed to come as something of a shock to her. But the truth is organic produce can be prohibitively expensive for a family as large as my own. Rather than break our back paying for what can be dubiously labeled organic, we thoroughly clean our produce in a solution of water and distilled vinegar. The latter, it turns out, is pretty remarkable at removing all of those unwanted baddies left clinging to your favorite fruit and veggies.

So go ahead, while no one’s looking, buy the cheap kale. Just make sure it cleans up well 🙂

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