Shrimp & Garlic Potatoes

While sitting outside dance class yesterday my daughter and I were debating what to have for dinner. We were both craving sushi, but I didn’t want to spend what would have likely been $60+ on dinner. So I asked myself, what was it about sushi that had us craving it (besides the seafood) so badly, and could I whip something up at home that would satisfy that urge without burning the wallet? To answer that question, I turned to my Puerto Rican roots and threw together an old favorite: shrimp salad over garlic potatoes, with steamed green beans filling in for edamame.

It was a hit.

Shrimp Salad and Garlic Potatoes



Hass Avocados



Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Garlic Salt

Sea Salt

Fresh Green Beans

White Potatoes

The first thing I did was put the kids to work: Jacob deshelled the shrimp and the girls snapped the ends off the green beans. In the meantime, I skinned potatoes, halved them, and boiled them in a pot of boiling water seasoned with a third stick of butter and enough garlic salt to flavor the water. Before moving on, I also started another pot of boiling water for the shrimp. While boiling, I cut the tomatoes into wedges, chopped the onions, diced the avocados, and chopped the cilantro. I then mixed these ingredients together with olive oil and fresh lime juice (for this recipe we used two avocados, two limes, three tomatoes, and enough chopped cilantro to flavor the salad without overpowering it). At this point the potatoes were ready, so I removed them from the boiling water, buttered them, seasoned them with a touch of garlic salt, and set them aside. Using the same water, I steamed the green beans in a strainer, making sure to pull them out before they were too soft. I then added enough sea salt to mimic that delicious edamame flavor, and tossed evenly to coat all the green beans. Finally, with that second pot of water at a rolling boil, I tossed in the shrimp, and in the five minutes that it took to cook the shrimp, I filled a bowl with ice water which I later used to cool the shrimp immediately after cooking. Once chilled, I added the shrimp to the salad, and served the greens and salad over the potatoes.

Simple, light, refreshing, and flavorful, this dinner hit all the points that make sushi so enjoyable, without the cost.

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