Setting a Daily Routine

wp-1471269348335.jpgIt’s our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is mapped out to be a light first day, with the goal of getting the kids accustomed to our daily routine.

  • Start Time 9:00am
  • Choose study buddy (one of many stuffed animals) & get settled
  • Review daily agenda procedures
  • Calendar & song
  • 9:30 – Language Arts (V & J) / Calendar Journal & Flash Cards ( L)
  • 10:10- Spelling review processes
  • 10:30- SCIENCE WITH DAD! *The Big Bang Theory & Experiment
  • 11:00 – J, L, & N w/ Dad for Music and Library~ V & Mom Cooking/Weekly Food Prep
  • 2:00- Lunch 45min/15min Clean-up
  • 3:00- Math
  • 3:45 – 15min Read Aloud
  • 4:00- Journal

Mondays will be our only late day moving forward because of Music/Cooking



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