Homeschool Journal: Tampa & Family Fun


We started out with a family work out. Dad led the brood with some static stretching before we ran a couple laps around the backyard and finished the morning with some freestyle soccer. After cooling off with a super smoothie, we heading out to a free attraction in the city.

The Beach, Tampa Ball PitIt was actually, pretty awesome. The owners of the Tampa Bay Lightning turned the arena into a “Beach.” Except instead of sand and water it was astro-turf and a two million ball, mega ball pit, up to four feet deep. And they gave out free ice cream at the door. The event attracted all ages and the kids had, well…they had a Ball! 🙂

We were fortunate enough to beat the school crowd to the event and made it home just in time for dinner and family movie night. The feature presentation was a Netflix Original, “The Little Prince.” Though a little slower paced than what we’re used to, it was a surprisingly entertaining flick with a meaningful lesson about loss. (Update: we just ordered the paperback!)

Highlights of the day: V asking begging to start her math course. N kicking the soccer ball around like a boss. L tucking her shirt in to stay stylish during PE. J chasing N around the house (gently, of course) and playing with her to keep her occupied while I made dinner…without my asking ❤ .

Loved today. Ready for tomorrow.


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