Homeschool Journal: The Schedule

We moved swiftly though our schedule today. Better still, by the end of most sessions the kiddos were begging for more. Our schedule today (and most days) was as follows:

9 am: Morning Song – Choose study buddy (one of many stuffed animals) and a water bottle

9:05 am: Calendar & Weather

9:15 am: Agenda Review & Q&A’s (get them out of the way early to minimize interruptions)

9:30 amL: Calendar Journal & Flash Cards/ V & J Language arts (V: Incomplete & Run-on sentences/ J: Compound sentences)

10:10 am: L: Practice piano/ J: Practice violin/ V: finish extra Language arts assignment

10:30 am: Light snack, carrots & ranch dressing (10 min) & 15 min Chocolate Geography. Today we reviewed the ten states we learned yesterday and added state capitols.

11:00 am: Math: L: skip counting workbook pages and bingo chip activity/ V: word names for numbers, roman numerals, & rounding/ J: advanced skip counting puzzles, number sequences, & cardinal and ordinal numbers.

11:40 am: Spelling V is working more on essay writing. Our essay type this week is narrative. She completed an outline yesterday as a journal assignment and proceeded to write the rough draft today during spelling and journal time. Her challenge was to incorporate her spelling words for extra points. J’s spelling exercise was to arrange his spelling list in alphabetical order. L used the day 2 worksheet assigned in her spelling program. She finished it very quickly, so we went on to the day 3 assignment since it’s a bit more intense.

12:00 pm: Art: Dad took The Power of the Line lesson a bit further today. I was a little disappointed that he erased it from the blackboard before I got a good picture 😦 The kids were asked to draw a different type of line on each other’s paper. Then they had to use more lines to turn it into something unexpected. Check out the results here!

12:40 pm: Lunch break & outside play time!

1:30 pm: Science fun fact. Today we talked about how the moon is the only extraterrestrial surface we’ve visited.

2:00 pm: V: Writing assignment (continued from spelling) & opportunity to work on homework. J & L: outside read aloud. The Magic Tree House, Book #1 ( J has read through the series privately and is currently on Book #11, for him- repeating these books is for confidence) We then have a short chapter recap. Big thank you to Rise to Reading for posting relevant questions… these are SO helpful!

2:30 pm: Brings us to journal time for J “If I were President I would…” Looking forward to reading his answers! V is wrapping up her homework. And L & N are passed out COLD for nap time.

Wonder what the rest of the day will hold…


*Links to follow!

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