Spapple Juice (Spinach and Apple Juice)

Squeezing vegetables into our kids’ diet can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, it’s a problem easily solved by a blender, apples, spinach, and a cheesecloth. This morning, I threw 8 apples, 3 quarters of a big bag of fresh spinach, and some filtered water (just enough for thorough blending) into the blender. A few good squeezes through the cheesecloth later gave us the most beautiful green juice. And unlike kale, spinach has a much softer flavor with virtually no bite. Healthy and delicious. What’s not to love?

For this recipe, we used:


    • Yes! The kids certainly love their smoothies… and mangos are very much in season right now… Thanks for the suggestion! Stay tuned for happy smoothie faces 😃

  1. You ever try serving the kiddos a green drink with using a cheese-cloth? There’s a lot more nutrients as-is. And if you add a bit of extra ice and blend for a full minute longer, you get a really fine (not-gritty) consistency.

    Disclaimer: We don’t have kids yet and I am probably underestimating their sensitivity to texture. 🙂

    • If I understand the process correctly, the cheesecloth separates the fiber from the nutrients. Since the juice was supplementing our lunch, we didn’t need the extra calories. As a meal replacement, however, we’d definitely skip the “juicing” and just drink the whole mix (looking forward to trying the the frozen mango idea shalvageffen recommended). Thanks for commenting and especially for visiting!

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