Occupation: Homemaker

Wife. Mom. CFO. Executive chef. Maintenance director. Event coordinator. Nurse. Psychologist. Sheriff. Scheduling manager. Landscape architect. Interior designer. Superintendent. Physical trainer. Nutritionist. Wife. Mom.

Keeping balance in our home any home can be dizzying. Having a background in management, I’ve always relied on task lists to keep my day on track. When I first started this endeavor, now affectionately known as “adulting,” post-it notes and day planners did the trick. But now, after having children, the old ways simply don’t cut it. Seeing this as an opportunity triggered an intense review of one of my favorite resources: The Guide To All Things Having To Do With Life!(aka Pinterest). Below are the links that help keep our life organized and aide in the household running smoothly. Enjoy!

Do you have a homemaking printable that you’d like to share? We’d like to hear! Leave in the comments below or Contact Us!

Happy Homemaking 🙂

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