Chocolate Geography

Geography can be intimidating to learn and to teach. Aside from not applying the knowledge on a daily basis, borders all look the same to someone not crossing them. Our challenge? To make this lesson worthwhile to three kids under ten. Our solution?

Chocolate Geography

Mission: Geography.

Tactics: Positive reinforcement.

Tools needed: Labeled map, blank map, chocolate chips, bingo chips

For fifteen minutes four days a week (immediately following healthy snack time), I point out 5 to 10 new map facts (i.e. continents, countries, states, capitals, etc.) while the kids, eager to earn their rewards, sit and listen. At the end of my lesson, the children place chips on each of their own blank maps and are given the opportunity to recite the facts they just learned in addition to facts previously reviewed.

For each point of interest correctly identified, the children get to keep the corresponding chip. At the end of the lesson, chips can be redeemed for chocolates. At first, a 1:1 ration will do. But as your kiddos quickly memorize every bit of geography you can throw at them, we recommend adjusting the ratio (3:1, 5:1, etc.) to avoid rewarding your quick learners with MASSIVE sugar rushes. Note: When we first started, we used chocolates only (no chips). While that had the added benefit of showing the kids what awaited them, it quickly got messy.

Result: Map knowledge A++

~ Mom out.

DISCLAIMER: Our kids brush twice a day (night and day), and again after any excessively sweet snack. To date, no cavities 😀


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