Homeschool Journal: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism & 3 Tips on How to Coach your Perfectionist


“My kid is a perfectionist,” is something I hear parents say a lot these days. As a parent of one myself, I know how good it feels to brag. But as an educator, I admit that I worry as much about V‘s education as I do my energetic son’s (for whom sitting down to focus can be a challenge). More so, in fact, because of how much more easily the first problem, perfectionism, goes unnoticed. Continue reading “Homeschool Journal: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism & 3 Tips on How to Coach your Perfectionist”

Homeschool Journal: Teaching High Energy Learners

This morning, I woke up to the kids at the school table already starting without me! They had completed Calendar Time, played The Months are Fun game, and started on math. This is what I witnessed at 7:30 am: Continue reading “Homeschool Journal: Teaching High Energy Learners”

Homeschool Journal: Short Lessons = Big Results

Last year I made the mistake of trying to finish a lesson every time we sat down to start a new one. As a result, what started off fresh and exciting quickly became tedious and stressful. This year, I’m committed to not making that mistake again. Short, interesting, and concise are the plan this go around. And so far, it’s working. Continue reading “Homeschool Journal: Short Lessons = Big Results”

Homeschool Journal: Tampa & Family Fun


We started out with a family work out. Dad led the brood with some static stretching before we ran a couple laps around the backyard and finished the morning with some freestyle soccer. After cooling off with a super smoothie, we heading out to a free attraction in the city. Continue reading “Homeschool Journal: Tampa & Family Fun”