Homeschool Journal: Short Lessons = Big Results

Last year I made the mistake of trying to finish a lesson every time we sat down to start a new one. As a result, what started off fresh and exciting quickly became tedious and stressful. This year, I’m committed to not making that mistake again. Short, interesting, and concise are the plan this go around. And soContinue reading “Homeschool Journal: Short Lessons = Big Results”

Homeschool Journal: Tampa & Family Fun

Family Fun Day = MASSIVE SUCCESS! We started out with a family work out. Dad led the brood with some static stretching before we ran a couple laps around the backyard and finished the morning with some freestyle soccer. After cooling off with a super smoothie, we heading out to a free attraction in theContinue reading “Homeschool Journal: Tampa & Family Fun”

Holiday Bookmarks

This month is booked with holiday activities, and one of our favorites has been making holiday bookmarks for use with our holiday library collection. We don’t own a laminator, but we didn’t let that stop us, and nor should you! You’ll need: Construction paper (green, red, or yellow) Crayons Hole Puncher Holiday ribbon A Printer PackingContinue reading “Holiday Bookmarks”

Benefits of Homeschooling: No Judging

The most rewarding aspects of homeschooling aren’t found in high grades or academic achievements, but in unexpected moments of character. The latest occurred just last night, outside of our daughter’s dance practice. Our seven year old son, Jacob, struck up a conversation with another boy his age. That boy was a proud dancer, going so far as to wear a shirt thatContinue reading “Benefits of Homeschooling: No Judging”

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