Homeschool 101

Homeschool 101 is written with two goals in mind: to share the resources we’ve successfully applied to our curriculum and to share the lessons we’ve learned in our adventures homeschooling. Our approach draws from traditional schooling and “unschooling“, which is to say that while we have a framework in place, we will happily veer off course to tailor our children’s education to suit their interests, strengths and opportunities. Homeschooling at This Functional Family is entirely about cultivating the personalities that make our children unique without the burdens of peer pressure, judgement, and “teaching to the test“.

Chocolate Geography

7 Steps to the Right Attitude

Pace Yourself

Tough Love, Discipline, & Homeschool

High Energy Learners

The Schedule

Short Lessons=Big Results

Tampa & Family Fun

More Responsibility & Science

Setting a Daily Routine

Confession: We Homeschool