Holiday Bookmarks

This month is booked with holiday activities, and one of our favorites has been making holiday bookmarks for use with our holiday library collection. We don’t own a laminator, but we didn’t let that stop us, and nor should you!

You’ll need:

Construction paper (green, red, or yellow)


Hole Puncher

Holiday ribbon

A Printer

Packing Tape

Glue Stick

We broke down this activity into two fun projects: coloring and assembling. Follow this link for bookmark coloring pages, download, and print. Let the kids color them first, and afterwards cut them out and glue over larger, rectangular cuts of construction paper. Carefully apply packing tape so that it covers both top and bottom, using scissors to trim the sides where necessary. Lastly, punch a hole at the top and tie some decorative ribbon for that final, festive touch! Use these with your favorite holiday themed books so the kids can immediately appreciate their usefulness.

Tip: When it comes to wrapping paper, ribbons, and the like, we love to shop big the day after Christmas for major discounts. A year flies by, and the savings really add up! Happy Holidays!

Decorative Napkin Rings

Happy Day before Thanksgiving! This being our favorite holiday and all, we like to make an impression. So this year, we decided to spruce things up with some hand made napkin rings. They turned out beautiful, and (more importantly?) they kept our guests busy working while we were busy cooking!

Decorative Napkin Rings:Rings1

  • Toilet Paper Rings
  • Hemp String
  • Glue Gun
  • Miniature Flower Embellishments
  • Patience

Cut the toilet rings to your desired width. Start with the hemp on the inside, binding it to the ring with a drop of glue.Rings2

Continue until the ring is completely wrapped, tucking the end underneath and finishing with glue.Rings3Decorate with your favorite embellishments and enjoy the compliments when they start pouring in! (hint, hint)



And finally, have a wonderful day with your friends and family celebrating the most non-materialistic and precious gifts of all: love and friendship for one another.