3 Ways School Erodes Your Child’s Confidence

My husband’s Facebook friend, L, recently posted this dilemma:

What am I doing wrong that my just turned six year old has incredible anxiety over everything – school, friends, her hair, shoes, clothes…. sure some of this could be genetics but why is [she] under so much pressure at school? It’s so damn sad to me. How do you build them to FEEL CONFIDENT in who they are becoming instead of them spending their days worried about who they are? I think every person goes through this at some point, sure some of its natural but at six? I don’t want my kids, especially my girls, growing up the way I did-unsure of myself, never good enough until I hit my 20’s and learned better. I sure don’t talk bad about myself around them or anything… Any advice? Continue reading “3 Ways School Erodes Your Child’s Confidence”

Homeschool Journal: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism & 3 Tips on How to Coach your Perfectionist


“My kid is a perfectionist,” is something I hear parents say a lot these days. As a parent of one myself, I know how good it feels to brag. But as an educator, I admit that I worry as much about V‘s education as I do my energetic son’s (for whom sitting down to focus can be a challenge). More so, in fact, because of how much more easily the first problem, perfectionism, goes unnoticed. Continue reading “Homeschool Journal: The Pitfalls of Perfectionism & 3 Tips on How to Coach your Perfectionist”